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Information about XML sitemaps and how they help your website getting indexed


Introduction to XML Site Maps

Creating XML sitemaps for your website can help search engines to index more pages faster.

On this page you will find various links to resources which will help you understand all the details about XML sitemaps and how to create them.

We will be using our tools A1 Sitemap Generator and TechSEO360 which both:


A1 Sitemap Generator Tutorials

Tutorials specific on how to use our sitemapping software to create various kinds of XML sitemaps:

xml sitemap file types

Tutorial on how to create standard XML sitemaps.

Tutorial on how to create video sitemaps.

Tutorial on how to create image sitemaps.

Automate and schedule XML sitemap build, upload and ping with the command line inteface (CLI).

All sitemaps formats explained including examples. HTML, text files, RSS feeds, XML, video, image etc.

Get Help With XML Sitemaps and Webmaster Problems

List of places where you can get further help:

If you have product related questions and need fasted possible support.

Forum at WebHelpForums for general webmaster help on everything sitemaps.

Forum at WebHelpForums for helping webmasters specificly on how to use A1 Sitemap Generator.

Section at WebHelpForums where you can get support specificly on TechSEO360

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